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What to Look For When Choosing Your First Home

posted by Stephen Katz @ 3:44 PM
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Purchasing your first home can be both an exciting yet frightening experience. Once you have established a reasonable budget, here are some tips to consider when looking for your first home.

The Home

When looking for your first home, you have to consider all of the factors that will best suit your lifestyle. For instance, make sure the square footage and the number of bedrooms is suitable for any additions to the family. Making a list of preferences is also a good idea to determine whether you prefer hardwood over carpet, or whether you would like a porch and/or basement. You might not be able to find an absolutely perfect home, but knowing your preferences will help make a more informed decision.

A home inspection should be on the list of first priorities for first time homebuyers. Hiring a home inspector can help establish whethe

The Neighborhood
From first glance, you can tell a lot about the neighborhood you are interested in purchasing a home in. When looking at a house, check the quality and appearance of the surrounding homes. Also research if there is any Homeowners Association in the neighborhood. Security is essential when it comes to choosing a neighborhood.

Nearby Schools
If you already have or will someday want children, the right school district is a top priority when looking for your home. Check how far away the school is and if there is transportation. Some parents prefer walking distance, while other would rather drive their kids or have them ride the bus. Public schools are very different when it comes to class sizes and average student

Nearby Activities
Shops and amenities around the house can be just as important as what is inside the house. It’s a good idea to find out how far you are from essential stores such as grocery stores, pet, office, and home supplies. Hopefully the home you are interested in purchasing is a reasonable distance from hospitals, child care centers, and even the nearest religious center. It is never a bad idea to drive your commute to work to get a feel for traffic either.

r the house has any potentially dangerous features. A home inspector will be able to create a report that will help determine if there any necessary changes that need to be made before you move in.


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