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Tips to Help Your Kids have a Smooth Move

posted by Stephen Katz @ 11:43 AM
Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is a great list to start with when you move with children.  You have to really see it through their eyes and work to understand their concerns.  Many times, it is just about asking them questions and soliciting their feelings to help them through the process.  This is a good list of checkpoints.

Moving with children can be a stressful and traumatic experience, especially for younger children.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  Read through these simple tips on making relocating with children easy and exciting for them, and less stressful for you!


  1. Be Positive! It is not uncommon for kids to echo their parent’s emotions.  It is important to be upbeat and encouraging toward your children about the move.  Even if you are stressed. Trust me, if you alleviate the stress on your children, you’ll alleviate some of your own stress.  Be sure to keep your family’s schedule on track as much as possible, so the kids don’t feel overlooked.
  2. Communication goes a long way. Be sure to involve your children with the moving plans.  Explaining the move with your kids will not only make them feel better about the situation, but also make them feel involved with the process.  You will also want to make sure they understand why.  Sometimes kids don’t understand the reasons for the move.  All they see is the friends and school they are leaving, their home and neighborhood.  Explaining the why is not going to make this better for them, but it may make it easier.
  3. Involvement. If your children are old enough to understand what is going on, you should get them involved in the moving process.  As I mentioned above, they are leaving their friends, neighborhood, and school.  Getting them involved in the move will make it a more positive experience for them rather than a negative one. If you know specific information about things such as possible schools, recreational areas, clubs, etc, share it with them.  Involve them with choosing your future home, and if possible take them on the house hunt.  Ultimately, involving your children in any way will give them a sense of control in a situation where they may otherwise feel helpless.
  4. Packing. Even you having a moving company coming to pack your things, it is a good idea to let your children pack up a few things that belong to them.  Maybe help them to choose items that are important to them or have some sort of sentimental value.  Pack them up in a box and put their name on it (i.e. “Molly’s Stuff). Then take this box with you instead of the moving company.  That way the things that mean the most to your child will be right there with them.
  5. Say Goodbye. Sounds simple, but for your children this may be the most traumatic part of their experience.  People grieve over people they leave behind, even if a death is not involved.  If you are moving across the country and your child is leaving behind a very good friend.  Let them say goodbye.  Perhaps throw a going away party for your child and let them invite those who mean a lot.  It may be a good idea to make some sort of scrapbook about the things your child is going to miss.  This way they can look back and experience these things even after they move.  You could get them an autograph book to have their friends and teachers sign.  All these ideas will help your child with the moving process and possibly the grieving process that may follow.
  6. Kids first. Once you make the move be sure to meet your kids’ needs first, if possible.  Set up their rooms first; this will help them to feel secure and at home with their new surroundings.  Get them on their schedule as soon as possible and stick with it.  If there are community events or recreational programs that interest your children, get them involved!  This would be a great way for them to not only move on with their new life, but maybe even find new friends!


All in all, relocating is not a fun experience for anyone.  You will be surprised how these few tips will relieve the pressures on your own life as well as your children’s.  Be sure to take care of yourself and your spouse in the process as well.  Remember no one is doing this alone and you all are in it together.




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