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Six Reasons To Buy A House In The Fall

posted by Stephen Katz @ 4:10 PM
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The end of summer typically means fewer “for sale” signs. However, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, don’t fret. This can be great news for the following six reasons:



1)      Less Competition. Fall means that school is back in session. AKA most families who wanted to move into their new home before school started have already done so.

Reason this is good news for buyers: Less homes for sale, plus less families, equals out to the same chances (or better) than you had before.

Reason this is good news for sellers: The buyers who are still in the market are typically more serious about purchasing (versus those in a rush to find a new home before August) which will make your job much easier.

2)      More money in your pocket. Those who close escrow before December 31 may get a nice write off on their taxes.

Reason this is good news for buyers: You can take deductions for your whole years’ worth of income from property tax and mortgage interest. Any payments that you have made before your closing is final are tax deductible.

Reason that this is good news for sellers: Closing costs and home improvements may be eligible for tax write offs. There is an entire list of possible write offs for sellers here.

3)      Nothing like being home for the holidays. Buying or selling in the fall means that you can sit back and relax in your nice, warm home when the winter weather and holidays hit.

Reason this is good news for buyers: Do we have to explain? You’re gifting yourself a new home for the holidays! Plus, since less people tend to move around this time, that means easier access to movers, etc.

Reason this is good news for sellers: Again, do we really have to explain? A sold home means less stress off your plate for the holidays! Check THAT off the to-do list.

4)      This one’s just right. Home prices will be more accurate in the fall than they are in the spring or summer. Since there is a smaller market for houses, prices won’t be raised due to demand.

Reason this is good news for buyers: Your chances of overpaying or having to outbid someone for your home is greatly lessened.

Reason this is good news for sellers: If you’re smart about your asking price, your home will stand out in the crowd and your chances of selling will greatly increase. Plus, gone are the days of trying to perform renovations in order to raise the value of your home. Put that hammer down and grab a cocktail instead!

5)      Fall = less burglaries. Did you know that burglaries happen more often during certain times of the year? July and August are the months during which most burglaries take place.

Reason this is good news for buyers: You can rest easy knowing your home is safer while you are moving in. It also gives you time to set up that new alarm system.

Reason this is good news for sellers: Your home is safer from theft. Again, do we really need to clarify this one?

6)      Deals and sales. Are you thinking, “we have this extra bedroom now, but no furniture for it!” Good news for both buyers and sellers: Black Friday and other holiday sales are right around the corner! Now that you’ve moved into (or sold) your warm, accurately priced, safe home, it’s time to shop and enjoy the holidays.

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Stephen Katz

(770) 309-0939 (direct) or (866) 742-8400 -- For the past 18 years, Stephen Katz has built a successful business almost entirely on referrals. As your mortgage consultant throughout the home loan process, Stephen will explain the pros and cons of all available mortgage programs and help you choose the financing option that is best suited to your needs. Throughout the loan process, he will keep you informed and will respond quickly to your requests with answers and solutions. Consistently a top producer, Stephen is a Mortgage Bankers Association "Diamond" Award winner, a Georgia Mortgage "Top Gun" and has closed almost half a billion dollars in loans. Put his knowledge and experience to work for you!

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