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Needs versus Wants

posted by Stephen Katz @ 4:37 PM
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home buyers come in all shapes and sizes, all with distinct, diverse needs and wants. Homes are definitely not a one size fits all market.  Let’s first, we’ll help you find your home needs.How much house do you really need? We will present information and questions. Your answers will help you feel confident that you have considered all of the important factors. You should use a work sheet to record your specific needs. This work sheet is not set in stone, as your information will vary with changes in your life. We recommend that you prioritize your needs using an ABC system. “A” would be a most important necessary need. Only a few need categories will have A’s. “B” would be important, but not essential, and “C” would be desirable. Ask yourself, “What are my basic needs?” This is the starting point for knowing how much house you really need. Ask yourself “How do I wish to live?” This is your lifestyle. Depending upon location requirements you may be able to afford a house with more than your basic needs. Adding your wants to your needs helps you to better distinguish between potential houses. Needs are those things you cannot do without as opposed to wants, which you’d love to have but may have to put on hold for now. This is particularly true for first time buyers. A house that meets both your needs and wants is the ultimate home, the golden ring on life’s carousel.

 As we go through life; our needs and wants change. Regardless of the type and location of a house, there must be a required number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms besides a kitchen and living room that will meet your basic needs. As your interest change so will your home priorities. The appeal of a log cabin in the woods can produce driving passions for some. Others will seek the white picket fence with a neatly packed Cape Cod-style home within walking distance of a small town.

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