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How Important is Location?

posted by Stephen Katz @ 12:05 PM
Friday, April 1, 2011

Location is important enough that you probably should decide on a neighborhood before you even look at a house. Like the house purchase, take some time to think about what is important to you about where you live, find the places you visit frequently – your job, the homes of your friends and relatives, stores, and recreational facilities –and decide how important it is to be close to each one.

 Think about what makes an environment pleasant to you, for example, some people are rediscovering the old-fashioned pleasures of large trees and sidewalks, others like large yards that help to separate you from your neighbors. You may be able to get an idea of what type of families live in an area just by driving through at different times during the day. Some neighborhoods attract young couples with small children, couples with older children, professionals, or retired people. Real estate agents should be able to give you some information (be aware that they are prohibited by law from giving data or opinions on an area’s composition or trend in racial or ethnic makeup).

Look at how houses in the neighborhood are maintained to detect any signs that the area is declining. How many of the homes are offered for rent? Established neighborhoods usually enjoy a long period of vitality during which home owners invest in keeping their homes in good condition, mainly because they believe that the area has a future. When that faith is no longer wide-spread, homes are allowed to deteriorate at a greater rate. Such an area most likely is doomed to continue to decline.

Stephen Katz

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