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Decide on Your Moving Method

posted by Stephen Katz @ 10:30 PM
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There are now several different ways to move—from moving yourself, asking friends to help to renting a truck or using container-based moving, to full service professional movers. As the decision impacts your moving costs and time commitment, it helps to look at the various options:

Moving Yourself

The most economical way to move is to do-it-yourself. Sounds simple enough, just load up your stuff and go. This can be a good choice if you’re not going far, don’t have a lot of things to haul and have a strong back. Some things to consider before you decide to handle your own move. Do I have time to pack, load, unload and drive? How many heavy items, like furniture and appliances, do I have to move? Am I physically capable to do this hard work? Do I have friends and family that can help me?

Renting a Truck

If you’re moving your one-bedroom apartment across town or across state, you might find that it is much better to rent a truck than to use your own vehicle.

Shop around for truck rates, and don’t rent more truck than you need. Rental companies have charts that help you calculate what’s needed to haul your belongings. Companies like U-Haul and Ryder make it easier with step-by-step moving and packing guidance.

Container Based Moving and Storage

Another great option is container based moving and storage. The company brings an empty storage container to your home and you can take your time packing and loading it. A few advantages are:

  • Height – The container is level to the ground and easier to pack than a truck
  • Convenience — When you are ready, you simply call them and they pick it up and take it to one of their storage centers or to your new home.
  • Flexibility – You can move across town or across the country or have the items stored in their warehouse.

Professional Movers

There are several reasons to choose a professional moving company. They can:

  • Save you time
  • Save you effort
  • Greatly reduce your stress level
  • Protect your belongings!

This is particularly true if you are moving a 3-bedroom house across the country. Most people underestimate how much work it is to move a large house….and how physically demanding it is! Remember that you’ll get insurance to cover your belongings. Just verify the amount to ensure all your valuables are covered.

When hiring professional movers, it is important that you choose a reliable company. Ask for references and check them carefully! 

When choosing your moving company, be sure you understand:

  • The rates and charges that will apply.
  • The mover’s liability for your belongings.
  • How pickup and delivery will work.
  • What claims protection you have.

Stephen Katz

(770) 309-0939 (direct) or (866) 742-8400 -- For the past 18 years, Stephen Katz has built a successful business almost entirely on referrals. As your mortgage consultant throughout the home loan process, Stephen will explain the pros and cons of all available mortgage programs and help you choose the financing option that is best suited to your needs. Throughout the loan process, he will keep you informed and will respond quickly to your requests with answers and solutions. Consistently a top producer, Stephen is a Mortgage Bankers Association "Diamond" Award winner, a Georgia Mortgage "Top Gun" and has closed almost half a billion dollars in loans. Put his knowledge and experience to work for you!

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