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A Guide to Hiring a Quality Contractor

posted by Stephen Katz @ 2:35 PM
Monday, May 13, 2013

Before talking to any contractors the first thing you should do is create a budget for the project. Without a budget you might end up “winging it” and end up over spending. Having an exact budget will also help you make decisions about what kind of fixtures and materials to purchase. Most products have a wide price range and having a budget will help keep you in line when making decisions.

After you have your budget established, get at least two or three written estimates from different contractors. Be sure the estimate is complete; getting a “written” estimate on the back of a business card is not a good sign. Getting three estimates will enable you to compare prices from different contractors.

Take the time to talk with each contractor and get a feel for which one you will be most comfortable working with and having in your home. Be sure and pay attention to things like who shows up on time and who is prepared to talk about your project. If a contractor shows up late to your appointment there’s a good chance they will show up late when they’re working on your project.

While you are in the process of selecting a contractor it is a good idea to make sure they have the proper license, insurance, and bonding. All three of these items are in place to protect homeowners. Working with a contractor who isn’t licensed or doesn’t have the proper insurance might come back to haunt you. A good contractor will show you copies of these documents when they present your written estimate. Don’t hesitate to ask!

The next step is to check the references of the contractor you are leaning towards. Be sure to ask specific questions about the experience that they had with the contractor. “Did the contractor show up on time?” “Did the contractor clean up after themselves?” If you want to be more aggressive you can ask the contractor for the names and numbers of their last three jobs and call those instead of their handpicked references. This will provide a more realistic overview of the contractors daily work habits and skills.

The last step is to select your contractor and have them provide you with a timeline for completion. Having a timeline will help ensure your project is completed within your allotted time frame

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